In-Ground Pools: A Healthy Investment

health benefits of in-ground pools

Finding a good reason to build an in-ground swimming pool isn’t difficult. From bringing us endless hours of fun and family entertainment, to just offering a convenient way to cool down in the hot California sun, it’s no wonder that swimming pools are in such high demand. Adding an in-ground swimming pool is also a great investment for your health. In fact, it’s widely recognized that the health benefits of swimming are numerous. Whether you are looking for a way to lower stress, get more exercise, or even recover from injury or manage chronic pain – having your very own in-ground swimming pool is the perfect way to do it. 

Dive Into Better Mental Health 

Avoiding stress today is near impossible. Whether it’s traffic on your morning commute or those bigger life changes, stress is easy to find and difficult to let go of. Unfortunately, stress also comes with major consequences like increased heart rate, cardiovascular problems, breathing difficulties and high blood pressure. Swimming pools are a great way to relieve stress, offering a place for mood altering physical activity while connecting with the friends and family who bring laughter and joy back into your life. For individuals who prefer to de-stress in a more meditative way, a swimming pool can double as a tranquil, restful area and the perfect spot for floating away all of your worries. Still not convinced? Swimming has also been proven to help improve sleep at night – improving mood and brain function all day.

The Physical Benefits of Swimming Pools

We’ve already established that lowering your stress levels can help you live a healthier life, but the health benefits of swimming don’t stop there. Not only has swimming been proven to strengthen the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and improve lung function, but regular swimming leads to weight loss and muscle strengthening. In fact, swimming burns more calories than any other low-impact exercise. This full-body workout is a great way to stay healthy and strong, lowering risk of heart attack and stroke with little impact to the joints – making it a great option for fitness fans of all ages. Get kids thinking about fitness by incorporating a volleyball net or other sports court for additional healthy, family fun.

Pain and Recovery 

Because swimming is a low impact sport it’s a great way to work back into better health for individuals managing chronic pain from disability or injury. Swimming is a popular choice for individuals with ailments such as arthritis or osteoporosis who often experience decreased pain and increased range of motion with help from exercising in their in-ground pool. For individuals recovering from recent surgeries or major injury, water exercise offers a great way to strengthen tendons and muscles, without risking further damage. 

Clear Choice Pool Co. 

In a time when health is everyone’s number one concern, it should come as no surprise that swimming pools are considered one of the best investments you can make for you and your family. The experts at Clear Choice Pool Company have decades of experience helping families stay healthy and have fun. Thinking it might be time for your own backyard investment? Contact us today to get started!  

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